Sunset & Light Trails in Downtown Los Angeles

Incredible sunset and evening long exposure photo workshop in Downtown, Los Angeles. With expert sunset and light trail photography instruction, before and during the workshop. You will capture amazing sunset and long exposure cityscape shots with an emphasis on light trails.

September 12, 2021

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM PT



Amateurs, Intermediate Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs, Professionals


It will help to have a basic understanding of your camera and its functions in order to efficiently adjust your camera settings (including ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop) for the compositional demands of the workshop. A tripod is absolutely essential for this workshop.


Participants must be in good health. As a safety precaution, those who are not vaccinated must wear masks while attending the workshop. You must be able to carry your equipment (camera, lenses, tripod, etc.) a short walk to the shooting location and be able to stand for up to two hours. Your equipment is your responsibility, you must keep track of it at all times. If you need to sit for any reason, you may bring a chair in your vehicle to use. If you need assistance with any of the physical requirements, or you want to bring someone with you, you may at your own expense bring a non-photographer workshop participant to assist you. There will be no exceptions to these requirements.

Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver to participate in the workshop.


* An informative pre-workshop online meeting to review camera settings tips and tricks, composition for sunset and light trails and recommended gear. During the session Justin will share photo examples (including camera settings) to help prepare you and your camera for a successful workshop.

* Photo session will begin before sunset on the day of the workshop and conclude late evening around 9pm, allowing for an opportunity to capture sunset with the best possible light and an opportunity to capture light trails after the sun sets.

* Photograph the beautiful buildings of downtown Los Angeles as a backdrop, while capturing the movement of the cars that travel on the 10 Freeway. The ideal focal length is 16-35mm, however, anywhere between 24-105mm will work.

* Workshop size is limited to 10 participants to ensure everyone has plenty of one-on-one instruction with Justin and the opportunity to get coaching tailored to his/her specific photography needs.

* Online webinar within 30 days after the workshop. Participants will have an opportunity to submit up to 3 of their favorite photographs from the workshop. Justin will provide feedback on the images, give post processing tips and demonstrate post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.


* Pre-workshop introductory email

* Pre-workshop camera setting tips and tricks guide

* Photo session at workshop location

* Composition instruction and assistance during the duration of the workshop.


* Ground transportation

* Meals

* Optional Zoom one-on-one post processing instruction

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